Conscious Communication: Navigating Strategic Communications with Ethics

Language: English

Instructors: Seher Sharma

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Strategic communication is deemed imperative for stakeholder engagement. Ethical practices are increasingly demanded and recognized, prompting stakeholders, from donors to beneficiaries, to become progressively aware and curious about the motives, methods, and outcomes of interventions by organizations. Consequently, developing communication strategies that transparently and ethically build trust among stakeholders is considered critical. By adopting a conscious, ethical approach, we can restructure methods of communications, culture and stakeholder management. It is crucial for social impact to voice the needs of the last mile by fostering communities that encourage participation. Utilising these approaches enables the mobilisation of resources, community engagement, and even the promotion of behaviour change

Summary of the Course Offering
This course seeks to provide participants with the knowledge, resources, and toolkits required for building ethical communication strategies and healthy organizational cultures. It will enable professionals to structure, design, and delegate communication programmes throughout their organisation democratically. At the root, this course serves as an introduction to ethically conscious ways of structuring the organisation and its communication.

Who is the program for? (Target audience)
- The program is designed for individuals working in the development sector through CSR programs, impact-based companies or start-ups, NGOs, and similar initiatives.
- Individuals interested in enhancing their communication strategies by engaging ethically and empathetically with diverse communities of stakeholders are encouraged to participate.

Program highlights based on your course design
- Reshaping our communications and organisations to bring voices to the fore, democratically.
- Key discussions to give way for ethical and empathetic means to communicate.
- Reshaping our communications and organisations to bring voices to the fore, democratically.
- Practical, useful toolkits and resources to build healthy communication and messages.
- Using evolved approaches to organising and communicating.

Expected learning outcomes for students:
Upon completion of this course, the participants will be able to:
- Design consciously effective communication strategies across channels
- Prepare style guides for communications for their respective organization
- Critically analyse communication strategies
- Recognise and implement ethical practices in everyday communications
- Develop a crisis communication plan
- Maintain globally accepted ethical standards of communications

- Standard Price:- INR 1200 +GST

Certificate of Participation- Participants will receive an e-certificate on behalf of Impact Academy for successful participation


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