Profit with purpose: CSR & ESG for Impactful Business

Language: English

Instructors: Prof. Niraj Kumar and Prof. Gautam Prateek

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A socially responsible business refers to an organization that conducts its operations keeping in mind the betterment of society and its values. With businesses engaging in various activities to achieve their profit-oriented goals, there is an inherent responsibility for them to adhere to the laws, social norms, and values.
Being a socially responsible oganisation is no longer a trend but a non-negotiable business need. Research indicates that companies can improve their reputation, recruit top talent, encourage consumer loyalty, and boost efficiency and profitability by aligning with basic principles such as financial soundness, environmental concern, and legal compliance in addition to building good brand recognition. All these factors are important in creating enhanced profitability and fiscal sustainability. This win-win strategy benefits both the company and society through NGOs, resulting in a positive influence on a larger scale. The concept of socially responsible business goes beyond merely engaging in CSR activities and ultimately aims to create a market for itself.
Thus, Impact Academy in collaboration with XIM-B brings a specially curated course for the Indian Impact Sector to understand the intersection between CSR and ESG enunciating the roles of corporates and NGOs within the ecosystem of establishing socially responsible business practices.

Summary of the course offering
This course prepares CSR and sustainability professionals, development practitioners, NGOs, and undergraduate/postgraduate students to thrive in socially responsible business practices by covering themes such as the evolution and significance of socially responsible companies, the Indian context of CSR, developing concepts (CSR, ESG, sustainable business), and CSR communication methods, role of NGOs within the same through engaging content. Participants will also learn about ESG and CSR reporting.

Who will benefit from this course:
- Working professionals of corporations, NGOs, and Civil Society.
- Development professionals handling CSR projects of corporations.
- Undergraduate and Postgraduate students specializing in management, development, social work, and other related disciplines.

Program highlights based on the course design
- The course deals with the two most relevant and timely subjects, namely business and development (considered to be an oxymoron)
- Contextualized to the Indian Developmental and Sustainability Sector
- Delivered by one of the country's reputed and established experts.
- Highly curated experiences through simulation and execution
- Equipping professionals in the evolving space of ESG and Social Responsibility
- Designed to suit the needs of working professionals to learn at their own pace with work commitments

Learning Outcomes:
At the end of the course, participants will:
- Gain a clear understanding of the importance of socially responsible behavior by corporations, particularly in the Indian context
- Define, understand, and differentiate various related concepts and explore their practical applications.
- Acquire knowledge about the Companies Act (2014) and its implementation, including the specific roles of individual committees/professionals within corporations
- Develop effective CSR reporting and communication strategies for their organization
- Understand and incorporate the significance of ESG (Environmental Sustainability, Social Responsibility, and Governance) in the current business and social context:
- Learn the practical implementation of socially responsible practices within a corporation

- Standard Price:- INR 4130 (including GST)

Certificate of Participation- Participants will receive an e-certificate on behalf of Impact Academy for successful participation


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