The Art of Grant Seeking and Proposal Writing for NGOs

Grant and Proposal Writing

Language: English

Instructors: Dr. Nitya Sharma

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This course serves as a comprehensive guide to the fundamental aspects of grant seeking, providing essential knowledge for crafting impactful proposals in both CSR and NGO settings. By delving into definitions, real-life examples, sample formats, and case studies, the course ensures an experiential learning journey. Tailored for students, entry-level CSR professionals, and individuals in the social sector, it aims to equip them with practical skills to navigate the intricacies of proposal writing successfully.

As we recognize the pivotal role of effective proposals in securing funds and driving positive change in the NGO sector, this course emerges as a valuable resource. Participants will not only grasp the basics of proposal creation but will also gain insights into grant implementation, assessment, and evaluation. The course covers a spectrum of topics, including the grant writing process, proposal development, application procedures, methodology, timelines, performance reporting, direct funding, in-kind contributions, foundations, forums, conferences, and networking.

Acquiring the skill of drafting effective proposals is paramount for establishing connections with granting bodies, and this course plays a vital role in nurturing this specific skill set among young professionals. By the end of the program, participants will be well-equipped to navigate the intricacies of grant-seeking and proposal development, contributing to their success in the non-profit sector.

How will it benefit social sector professionals?
There are various benefits to the professional like:
- Professionals will have all of the necessary expertise to produce a business proposal, among other advantages.
- Professionals may create an expert Business proposal that describes their NGO and their services.
- In an interview, professionals will be able to demonstrate their practical experience.

Who is the Program for?
This program is open to
- All individuals who are interested in learning about the basics of grant seeking and Proposal writing.
- Anyone involved in non-profit management.
- People interested in fundraising/development.

Expected Learning Outcomes
This program caters to students, NGO professionals, social sector consultants, and CSR professionals. It is ideal for those looking to carve their niche, whether as concerned volunteers, consultants, executive directors, fundraisers, or project managers. Regardless of the role an individual chooses, the knowledge gained from this program ensures they will approach grant writing with a professional touch.

Program Highlights
This 100-minute online course is self-paced and covers the basics of grant-seeking, including both reactive and proactive approaches. It explores the five key components of grant proposals: abstract, statement of the problem, project description, evaluation plan, and budget narrative. The course also provides examples of grant writing for practical insights.

Fee and Registration Process:
Standard - INR 1200 + GST


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